The story of WG Hill

On the 6th January 1960 Anthony (Tony) Hill was offered the chance to buy the local coal business from Frank Hodges the landlord of The Crown PH Twyford. Tony & His father William George Hill purchased the business on the Friday the 10th Jan 1960, little did they know that they were bringing the business back to the Hill’s who had previously owned for generations in the 1800’s.

When WG Hill & Son started selling coal it was 6 shillings & 10pence or 34p a CWT (50kg) supplying regular coal deliveries to local Villages & Towns.

In 1988 Tony’s son Paul joined, slowly over the years to present day, has increased the business from supplying local domestic customers, to also supplying wholesale, steam Rally’s & Trains and boats, Working Canal boats & Marinas. With modern pre-packing facility, coal is now supplied in sealed bags as well as traditional open sack 50kg (CWT) .

Logs was introduced to the business 25 years ago and when the council removed solid fuel heating systems, replaced with LPG cylinders, WG Hill & Son then started selling LPG Gas.

The haulage side of the business is growing with Paul & Tom now collecting the coal required direct from the Coal mines.

In 2008 Paul & Tricia’s (Tricia in the office, Mon to Fri) oldest Son Tom joined the business, which now becomes the 4th generation.

When the business is very busy at peak times, there will often be 3 generations, with Tony coming out of retirement for the odd day. Tony (Dad/Grandfather) Paul (Son/Dad) Tom (son/Grandson) all working together.

We’re sure William G Hill would have been proud to have witnessed this.